A troll-free habitat for your thoughts

The ScreamAre you like me — increasingly striking this pose when you’re browsing your social media feed? The direction of social media culture is disheartening. Negativity is on the rise. Name calling often outweighs reasoned and civil discussion. Some people share misinformation without checking the facts, while others share deception without checking the conscience. Prejudice often replaces thought.

The other day on Facebook, someone told me to “wake the hell up” because I held a different viewpoint than hers. Ah, yes — hot coals for the soul, right there. Fortunately I have nerve endings that tell me to back away.

We’re building The Thinkery network to offer an alternative. Most people are swell, and they’re swellest when they come together in a way that’s respectful, focused, valuable, thought-provoking, and thoughtful. That’s our network’s commitment.

I chose the platform for a few key reasons:

  1. What attractive features we have! It’s easy to create exclusive content, engage in deeper conversations, enjoy richer polls, and hold online or in-real-life events.
  2. Meet the thinkers. You’ll be introduced to people who are near you, who fall into the same categories, and who care about the same things.
  3. The one-stop shop around the corner. I’m juggling a bunch of The Thinkery services in different places, and I juggle like a one-armed paper hanger. With this community alone, I can connect you with more people, unlock exclusive content and valuable collaborations, and deliver fresh ideas and practices to take into your daily life.

Join us in our online oasis. Rest your soul in the hammock of hospitableness. We’re eager to hear your unique stories and perspectives. While we’re bound to disagree at times, we’ll never tell you to “wake the hell up”. We’ll know you’re wide awake simply because you’re thinking for yourself. That’s what we do here.

Thought bubble - Join the Network


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