Become a member of The Thinkery for free!

Thinking impacts everything, right? Right. When your thinking is sharper and deeper, your life is better. The more you take advantage of the opportunities at The Thinkery, the more you will find unbridled awesomeness in your relationships, career, education, finances, health, faith, and leadership.

As a member you will …

  • receive coaching and education that will sharpen your thinking skills
  • be part of a unique community of thoughtful and interesting people
  • get invited to courses, discussion groups, and just-for-fun events
  • broaden your knowledge and perspective, seeing new things and in new ways
  • get respectful feedback on your ideas and viewpoints
  • have access to exclusive content
  • participate in polls, surveys, and games (and post your own)*
  • contribute to the community’s knowledge base*

How does membership work?

You can be a member whether you participate in real life or online — in Vancouver or Vladivostok. You’re a bona fide member of The Thinkery if you engage in any of these ways …

All opportunities are free except for some coaching and courses.

The more you engage, the more you benefit. Join us!


*Available only at The Thinkery Network

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