Critical Thinking Basics

“A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices.”
[ William James ]

If you take only one course in your lifetime, make it this one. You will develop the fundamental skills of statement classification, research, analysis, and argument. You’ll find that these skills are tools for better communication, healthier relationships, and smoother navigation in all areas of life.

The first community class begins on June 26. The individual, self-paced course begins any time you’re ready!


  • Handle Statements • Systematically and automatically categorize statements, distinguishing among facts, falsehoods, theses, beliefs, and opinions.
  • Find it Out (Research) • Conduct effective research in order to gain knowledge about a topic, verify a matter of fact, or provide evidence for a thesis.
  • Figure it Out (Analysis) • Conduct effective analysis in order to gain understanding, derive meaning, and form conclusions about a complex matter.
  • Reason it Out (Argument) • Argue, and ultimately persuade, with reason and passion and without prejudice or undue emotion.
  • Examine Everything • Bring together the skills of research, analysis, and debate in order to properly examine and respond to information and arguments.

How it works

Critical Thinking Basics is available online through The Thinkery Network. You must be a member of the network to participate. It’s free to join the network, and there are loads of other good reasons to be a member! You may choose the community option or the individual, self-paced option.

What it costs

The initial offering is FREE. That includes the community class that begins on June 26 and the individual class if you start by June 30.

Community Option

The first community class offering begins on June 26 and ends on August 9. You’ll be able to participate on your own time, provided that you complete the lessons within the expected timeframe. We will move through the curriculum together for the purpose of group discussion. We will spend two to four days on each lesson. Expect to spend between 15 minutes and two hours per lesson, distributed as you choose over the course of two to four days, depending on the lesson. We will take a break for July 4 (Yay, America!). Also, Elizabeth takes a weekly break from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday, and course members are encouraged to participate in that break. If we move through the lessons ahead of schedule, we can finish before August 9.

Individual Option

You may take the course on a one-on-one basis with Elizabeth. Start when you want. Go at your own pace. Elizabeth takes a weekly break from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday, and course members are encouraged to participate in that break.


“I am personally VERY motivated to drop my pursuits early on Tuesdays, get cleaned up, and drive to class because each week I have practical, usable takeaways and challenging thoughts that I mentally chew on all week. And those takeaways further my ability to share with others more effectively, including spiritually. … If I fully understand the difference between belief, opinion, and provable facts, etc., I am going to inevitably communicate more effectively — and garner much more respect — when I communicate with others. This class is highly valuable. A winner! I will not forget this class!”
[ G. B. ]



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